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For any season, year round,
when space is limited & weight is crucial,
"Don't get left out of the picture!"

Clip-Shot™ is a rugged, lightweight, portable tripod substitute. Connect your camera to common objects and use the built in timer virtually anywhere. Choose the best angle and Clip-Shot™ will hold your camera steady for better photos and will allow you to be part of the picture. Perfect for hikers, bikers, campers, hunters, skiers and others who travel individually or in groups.
Clip-Shot™ connects to your camera's universal mounting system and will attach securely to flat items up to 1/4" thick or round objects up to 3/4" in diameter, such as:

Tree Stand Steps, Tree Branches, ATV Mirrors
Arrow Shafts, Ski Poles, Luggage Racks
Knife Blades, Tent Rods, Tool Boxes
Steel Fence Posts, and much more.

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Made in Montana

Accessory for Smart Phones

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